Breakfast Like a King….


As we head into our busiest time here at Ty Derw the kitchen is working hard to keep up with those breakfast orders between 7:30 and 9am. Kettles boiling, toasters popping and all sorts of goodies  being created to send our guests off ready for the day ahead. As well as the full Welsh breakfast we also offer pancakes, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs plus vegetarian and vegan options. There is always fruit, cereal, yoghurt and homemade bread (which makes the best toast, in our opinion) available too.

If you’re lucky and Gill has been baking there could be a muffin or two on offer as well!






The wildlife around the house is as busy as we are at the moment but Jason has managed to capture some of our furry and feathered friends looking rather splendid.

It’s always a treat see the inquisitive Jays coming to the feeding areas.




Shrews and bank voles show their furry faces too.


And speaking of furry faces little Harry Hornblow has been to the vets to have four teeth removed this week. He is now on the mend and is back on duty to welcome the weekends guests (soft ball in mouth) and help out if there are any leftover sausages that need attending to. Isn’t he handsome?

The blue tits in our nest box continue to grow. The parents are very attentive and are almost constantly in and out of the nest box . The little ones are starting to stretch and flap their little wings, all signs that they are getting close to fledging.





This weeks guests have included a couple from The Netherlands that have been touring Wales, a birthday girl, three couples that have climbed Snowdon (despite some very wet and blowy weather) and guests here hoping to see some jet action on the Mach Loop amongst other things.

Bookings are coming in for the rest of the summer from new guests and some previous visitors too. We look forward to welcoming them all and serving them a hearty breakfast while they are here!

Have a great weekend

Gill and Jason