HERCulean flypast

This week we witnessed a flypast from the USAF with four Hercules C130 aircraft. Watching these fly down the valley and past our house really is a sight to behold. They did four laps of the famous Mach loop and as Ty Derw is directly under the flight path for these training flights we sometimes get to see these aircraft at a low level as they fly through the valley.


We’ve had yet another week of fantastic weather here at Ty Derw! The forecast is looking a bit cooler and cloudy for the Bank holiday weekend, fingers crossed it will stay dry for our guests.

The Wisteria is now in full bloom and looking fantastic on the front of the house, the Honeysuckle azalea blooms are slowly dying away and the gorgeous aroma we have had in the garden for the last month is also fading. Now time for some bedding plants supplied by our lovely neighbours at Camlan Garden Centre just down the road from us.


Lord of our manor young Harold Hornblow has been lucky this week and has claimed quite a few ball throwing victims. Its taken him a few years but he now knows after breakfast the guests emerge from the house and he waits patiently by the front door so as not to miss an opportunity of some ball throwing playtime 😁

Great news on our nesting blue tits. At least seven out of the ten eggs have hatched and the young are doing well so far. Its quite magical watching the two adult birds bringing in food for their young and seeing the little mouths open wide when they hear Mum or Dad coming!

We’ve had lots of lovely guests in this week including a couple from London touring Wales on their motorbike (don’t forget we have secure lock up for motorbikes and bicycles), German guests who had been travelling around Wales for 2 weeks and a couple celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary with us. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone that arrives over the next couple of days, we love getting to know our guests and doing what we can to help them have a good stay.

The lawn is mowed, there is bread baking ready for breakfast and we’re now waiting for today’s arrivals 👍🏼.

Have a brilliant bank holiday one and all

Gill and Jason