About Us

A Bit About Us..


We moved to Ty Derw in September 2016, having both spent several years working in our own businesses in Oxfordshire. A spark of an idea about running a B&B back in 2015 began to take on a life of its own. A new start, a fresh challenge and a chance to live somewhere stunningly beautiful soon moved from a pipe dream to a real plan and so we started seriously looking for the right property in the right area. When we came across Ty Derw we knew that we had found it.


So began the process of selling properties, leaving our previous employment and packing up our lives. There were bumps and hold ups along the way but September 1st 2016 saw us moved in to this beautiful house and ready to start our big adventure together.


We had our first guests about a week later and have not looked back since.


We like to think that our personalities are well matched to the B&B business. We are both at our happiest when we are welcoming guests in to our home, and really love to see people relax and feel comfortable here.


We’ve worked hard making our breakfast and supper menus tasty and appealing. The research that went into finding the perfect breakfast sausage was particularly gruelling….! All our food is home cooked from scratch and we will always try to accommodate any particular requests.


We have spent any free time that we have had exploring the area so that we can help our guests to plan visits to the local attractions. There is so much to do around here and this is something that we are passionate about sharing with our visitors. We will always do our best to go help our guests have a wonderful stay and will happily spend time answering any questions and giving any information or assistance that we can. In fact we are so enthusiastic that you might have to ask us to stop talking!